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With the new 2016-2017 dance team, so comes new coaches.  Bekey Zawada, Jen Ruch, and Erin Garwood will be teaming up to coach both varsity and JV dance.  Each coach comes to the table with tradition and experience.  All three coaches are former dancers, with both high school and college dance on their resumes.  Coach Zawada has been teaching 14 years, she is currently teaching her 8th year at Triad and has 7 years coaching experience with TVDT.  Coach Ruch has 18 years teaching experience and has been with the Triad School district for 10 years.  Coach Ruch has 6 years of cheer coaching experience and 4 years experience coaching with TVDT.  Coach Garwood has been with the Triad School district for 11 years.  She is the newest of the team with one year coaching TMS Dance.