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Inclement Weather School Closing Information

posted Jan 12, 2017, 3:50 PM by Adam Geisen

From time to time, inclement weather conditions or equipment malfunctions can interfere with the school schedule.  It is not unusual for Triad schools to close due to inclement weather based on the fact that the majority of our students are transported on buses.  Even smaller amounts of snow when combined with high winds pose real problems in terms of drifting in the rural areas of Marine, St. Jacob, and Troy.  Cold temperatures alone typically don’t necessitate the need to cancel school unless the temperature combined with negative wind chills or hazardous road conditions make it too unsafe to transport the students by bus.

Student safety is the district’s number one priority.  It is not always easy to predict how the weather will impact the road conditions and parking lots in our area.  Area superintendents work together when determining school closures; however, the weather does not always affect all surrounding communities the same way.  Parents can expect information regarding the closing of school or an early dismissal to be released to the following:

  • Parent Notification System (voice message, email, and text messaging - be sure to subscribe for text messaging, text the word SUBSCRIBE to the number 68453)

We strongly encourage parents to have a current phone number and e-mail address (that is easily accessible) in our school database system.

Once the students are in attendance, Triad schools rarely dismiss early because of inclement weather. In the event that weather conditions deteriorate quickly or equipment malfunctions happen during the school day, the district may be forced to dismiss early in the best interest of the safety of the students.  If this happens, the district will activate the parent notification system to contact parents by phone, email and text messaging.   We also recommend having a plan in place for your child if your child were to arrive home early. On extremely poor weather days, it has been past practice to begin the longer bus routes earlier than normal, so that students will arrive home as close to their regular time as possible.  In the event that weather conditions are deteriorating rapidly, parents may pick up their child(ren) early from school.

During inclement weather or when temperatures and wind chills are in the single digits and below, we recommend that parents review the bulleted suggestions to ensure their students are safe.

  • Parents should ensure that their children are wearing coats and other cold weather clothing such as hats and gloves--especially if waiting at the bus stop.  

  • Have students wait in a vehicle at the bus stop or a nearby residence until the bus is seen approaching the stop.  At stops with several students getting on the bus, parents should work together to share this responsibility.

  • Parents who are unable to provide a warm place for students to wait should take their students to school or arrange a carpooling system in advance for these cold weather days.  (Schools will have their doors open for earlier drop offs on extreme cold weather mornings.)

  • Always make decisions about your child’s attendance on inclement weather considering safety first.  Make the decision based on what is best for your child.  Student safety will always be the district’s number one priority.  For many families, having their students in school is the safest option.