End of the year schedule for seniors:

Seniors: Please be aware that your behavior in these last few days of school is critical for you to be able to attend your graduation ceremony. Attending graduation is a privilege and not a right. As faculty, the expectations that we have for you to behave properly are critical in allowing you to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Friday, May 13 - Last full day of attendance for graduating seniors who do not have to take finals.

Daily Schedule:

Senior Breakfast (7:15-8:15) As a senior, you are free to walk through the breakfast line for a meal on the class of 2016!

Locker Cleanout (8:15-8:30) Be prepared to clear out your paper, books, and other items to take home with you. Lockers must be totally cleaned out by May 20th.

Clearance Sheet (8:30-8:40) Once lockers are cleaned out, you will receive a clearance sheet that you will take to all your classes on Friday. This will need to be signed by each of your teachers stating that you have returned all your books to their classes.

Report to 1st Period for Clearance Sheet Signatures (8:40-8:55)

Report to 2nd-7th period as a typical school day for clearance sheet signatures.

Graduation Tickets: For you to receive your 4 graduation tickets, you must have all fees paid. These fees will be listed on your clearance sheets. They include fees from the library, band, PE locks, and our Sodexo Food Service that need to be paid. Cafeteria fees may be paid in the Café and other fees may be paid at the attendance window. Any of these fees may be checked on throughout the day with Ms. Murray in the attendance window. Once your teachers have signed your clearance sheet and your fees are paid, you may turn your clearance sheet into the High School office either during your lunch period or during the last 15 minutes of 7th period (2:15-2:30). Your four graduation tickets will then be given to you. These are intended to be distributed to your family and friends for Graduation on May 22.

Guidance: The Guidance Office will notify those seniors who do not have the credits necessary for graduation. If your senior is “on the bubble” for graduation, they may not receive their clearance sheet on May 13th. It will be important for these seniors to do everything they can to make sure all assignments are turned in along with tests/quizzes studied for.

Monday, May 16 - Odd our senior exams

Tuesday, May 17 - Even hour senior exams

These are both closed campus school days. Students will not be able to leave campus if they have time between exams. Seniors are required to be called out by a parent or guardian to leave campus on May 16th and 17th after the completion of their final exam. 

Wednesday, May 18 - Honors Night at 7 pm

Honors Night is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18th at 7:00 p.m. in Knights Hall. If your student is honored this night, you will receive an invitation through the mail to attend. If there is a question about whether you should attend, please call the high school office at 667-8851 *7060.

Friday, May 20 - Graduation Practice at 9 am

All graduating seniors planning to participate in the graduation ceremony are REQUIRED to report for Graduation Practice on Friday, May 20th at 9:00 a.m. in the large gym. The practice will last approximately two hours. Please be on time. If you are not planning to attend the graduation ceremony, you must let Dr. Winslow know as soon as possible!

Friday, May 20 - Photo Forms due to Office by end of school

Voegele Studio will be available to take a photo of your graduate with his/her diploma before the ceremony in the small gym. The quality of the photo will be better with this arrangement than trying to take a picture of the graduate on the stage area during the actual ceremony. If you are interested in ordering this type of photo, please PRINT AND FILL OUT THIS ORDER FORM and return it to the high school office by the end of the school day on Friday, May 20, 2016.

Sunday, May 22 - Graduation Ceremony at 2 pm (doors open at 12:30)

Graduation is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 22nd in the large gym. Graduates need to arrive at THS for the graduation ceremony before 1:15 p.m. The best advice for all attending graduation is to be early to avoid traffic problems. Entrance to the gym will be the main entrance doors to the right of the circle drive to conserve the cool air in the gym. Doors to the public for graduation will open at 12:30 p.m. Handicap access will remain at the gym entrance doors.

Seniors will receive four reserved seats for the graduation ceremony. These four seats will be noted on the tickets that students receive after they have turned in their clearance sheet. They will receive these tickets on Friday afternoon, May 13th. The majority of floor seating and some bleacher seating for graduation is reserved to accommodate the parents, family, and friends of the seniors graduating. Other than the bleacher seating that will be reserved for our seniors’ parents as needed, all other seating will be available on a first come, first served basis. Ushers will be available to direct you to your seat the day of graduation. If you are in need of handicap access, please call the high school office at 667-8851 *7060 to make arrangements for reserved handicapped seating.

Proper attire for our graduates includes dress clothes, a tie for boys, and dress shoes. No tennis shoes, sandals, jeans or shorts, please. The hood and gown from Jostens should not be defaced.

IMPORTANT: The graduation ceremony is to honor the Class of 2016, their families, and their teachers. The graduation ceremony is not the time for any behaviors that would detract from the dignity of the occasion. This is an important event in many people's lives. All school rules and district policies are still in effect during the graduation ceremony. Many parents and past graduates have expressed their appreciation of the ceremony and the fact that our faculty honors the graduates and their families by wearing their school colors and academic garb. Traditionally, graduating seniors, and all in attendance, have taken a mature and commendable approach to this significant event.

Congratulations to the Class of 2016 and to their parents/guardians!